+ studio profile

Established: July 2017
Founder: papaya
Based in: United States of America

+ about

milk+ visual is a three-person doujin visual novel studio focused around developing yuri visual novels in a wide range of genres and atmospheres. Our motto is "Milk for better bones"; our mascots are Magenta Milk, a nurse fanatic who likes to collect medical equipment, and her girlfriend Monochrome Matrimony, her fellow surgeon roleplayer who loves sharp objects.

Our first release, Soundless, has gained some notoriety among visual novel fans for its strong psychological horror, solid cast, and nostalgic interface. It is known to be the first English original visual novel to specifically advertise itself as "denpa", a horror subgenre hailing from Japan that focuses on the deterioration of the human psyche, mental illness, cults, conspiracies, and school castes.

+ concerning copyright

milk+ visual supports almost all deriative works and all language patches. We do not intend to incorporate, and we are anti-DRM. We encourage people to purchase our commercialized items if they are able to. More on this.

If you would like easy access to the source code so you may produce a translation patch, or would like to collaborate with us to incorporate multilingual options into official releases, please don't hesitate to contact us. You are also free to request that we remove any official mentions of a translation patch.