Her parents died when she was eight, and she was taken in by the Group and now lives in the church. In order to cope with her poor treatment, she's cut herself off from any emotions. She believes it is her solemn duty to continue to endure the abuse, as she knows no other way of living.


The New Holy Woman of the Barrier energy. Representing safety, tranquility, and a protective force, she's notably kind to Mercy, but that's only due to her God-given nature, or so it seems.


The New Holy Woman of the Expulsive energy. She represents aggressive defense, the removal of toxins, and the force of annihilation. While she herself doesn't constantly abuse Mercy, she can get hostile with her words and prefers to stay away from her.


The top student at the school in both academic and religious studies. She is aloof and dutiful. Her rigidness and above and beyond grades come from the fact that she is the only daughter of the Expulsive family, one of the two clergy families.


A timid girl that's often seen clinging to Delilah. She will do anything Delilah asks of her. Because of a certain grudge, she treats Mercy cruelly when Delilah is not around.


A boy who enjoys tormenting Mercy. He sees the village-wide abuse as an opportunity to vent his frustrations with the world around him. Known for being particularly disobedient compared to his peers.

Head Priest

A nameless man who runs the Group and village with an iron fist. He is seemingly benevolent and once treated Mercy like his own daughter, but now stays distant.


The 25th Holy Woman. Like the Holy Women before her, she takes on both halves of the God and acts as a channel for the energy and Its words.